Meet Berowra

With Berowra you can get a CMS up in a minute, not a day. Through Deta Space, Berowra gives you the control of self hosting without any need for infrastructure maintenance. It's easy to use, flexible and completely free.

Berowra - An open source CMS that you'll finally enjoy! | Product Hunt

This is how easy using Berowra is:

1) For each collection, we need to define a template for the content.

Finally, we can fetch our content by making a request to:

let posts = await fetch("").then(r => r.json())

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deta Space?
Deta Space enables individuals to create private instances of web apps in their own 'personal cloud'. Read more here.
What types of data are supported?
Berowra supports short strings, numbers, longer strings with markdown, dates, string arrays, files and colours at the moment.
What is the storage limit of Berowra?
Deta Space currently limits each user to 10GB of files, this is therefore Berowra's limit.
Where can I provided feedback, request features, or report issues?
Please use our GitHub issues.
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Built by @sampoder and open sourced here. I acknowledge the traditional owners of the namesake land area, Berowra, and pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging.